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Why do we blog?

Mis à jour : 3 déc 2019

The Green Travel Bug is both our eco-travel blog with green travel tips as well as a series of stories about the experiments and experiences during our travel journey.

We are Joeri and Sylwia and we have decided to put our life on pause in Belgium to travel the world for an indefinite time. Travel is, for us, an adventure, an amazing way to learn about life, the world and ourselves.

Keeping it local

Escaping the rush at home and acting as a tourist abroad can definitely be fun, but often we are looking to get a bit more out of our time away from the mother country. Traveling abroad often means immersing in other cultures and meeting several people with different values and lifestyles. When we are in another country, we try to spend as much time as possible with locals, listening to their stories, sharing food with them and having respectful discussions. Roaming the planet offers new perspectives if you tend to keep an open mind.

Out of the comfort zone

We definitely recommend people to travel and get out of their comfort zone. We are not the only one. Everyone recommends their friends and family to hop on a plane and discover another country. Nowadays, the luxury of travel has become way cheaper and more accessible to a considerable part of the world. Having seen more than 15 countries at the age of 18 is not uncommon, Instagram is abundant of stunning travel pics and more and more youngsters take a sabbatical to travel before they start their studies or their career.

Collateral damage

We are part of the people that are “bitten by the travel bug”, but we have noticed that the love for travel does not grow as fast as the awareness of the negative impact that travel can have. Tourism has many positive consequences for both locals and visitors but we should not forget the damage we potentially inflict upon the planet, local economies and cultures. Animals are abused for tourist entertainment and nature becomes over littered by careless tourists. Cultures become commercialized and lose their authenticity. Employees are exploited to please the touristic masses. Several jobs are dangerously dependent on tourism and often multinationals benefit more than local economies. Carbon footprints go through the roof, speeding up global warming, as airfares are often cheaper than train fares.

Positive alternatives

Okay, we admit that we have been looking specifically at the negative consequences here. All these examples of negative impact are real, however. We do not want to exaggerate, we would just like to raise awareness about the collateral damage of travel, just as much as we would like to point out that there are many sustainable alternatives available. We encourage anyone to get out of their comfort zone and go on an adventure. Since, for many people nowadays, travel is already within their comfort zone, we would like to suggest them trying alternative ways of travel.

Bitten by the 'green' travel bug

Through this blog we will share our attempts at being green nomads in a less conventional way. We try to be as sustainable as possible, but we would like to emphasize that we are not perfect and that a lot of our ideas happen through trial and error. We will offer our perspectives, explaining what it is like to be bitten by the travel bug, the green travel bug. You will be able to browse through some of our travel pics, get “green travel” tips and read about several experiments that changed our life(style).

We hope you will enjoy reading about our adventures just as much as we did living them.